Vision for Youth Ministry in Bethel

Adolescents face challenges unique to their age group. From a christian perspective, they are not as concerned about ‘what happens to me  when I die’ as they are about ‘what is the purpose of my life’ and ‘how does the bible apply to my life now!’. In society, young people are desperately looking for identity, purpose and acceptance. Identity is achieved by many by being a football fanatic or being part of groups whose common habit may be music, drugs or sport. Some find purpose in work or in girl/boy friends or only live for computer games. Acceptance is mostly achieved by being in a group where giving into peer pressure is the only way not to feel left out!!!

I’m here to tell you that Jesus has all three needs plus much more!! Being a Christian gives you not only a solid identity, but assures you of life after you die. Your purpose is amazing – to represent Jesus in a world that is hurting with hate, greed and insecurity. And your acceptance is not based on what others think of you, but on what God says – and He says that He loves you and has a great destiny for you!!

Bethel Christian Fellowship is a church family who share the same Christian, biblical beliefs and young people in Bethel are equally valued and encouraged as are all in church. Why do we need vision for our young people? So that we know what our purpose is in life and in the church. Our vision and purpose in Bethel is for young people to develop in life spiritually, emotionally and mentally into the person Jesus wants them to become. To become leaders in our society with Christ-like principles, Godly fathers and mothers of the next generation, ambassadors for Jesus and the church, and most of all, individuals whose character is shaped by Jesus. This life-long process starts with discipleship and encouragement to develop Christian habits. Worship is emphasised as key to all our spiritual lives. Being a part of the church family teaches about relationships and acceptance into God’s family. Then, when ready, young people, can do the same for others and minister/serve others in the same way Jesus did for us. Can there be any greater meaning to life than to follow and serve Jesus?