Music - Our Vision

1. To lift up, worship and praise the name of the Lord Jesus Christ with all our heart, mind, soul, spirit and strength.

2. To worship Him in spirit and in truth as best as we can and to be open to learn more of His limitless ways.

3. To focus in unity with each other and His Spirit and follow His leading as best as we can.

4. To proclaim His truths and promises and our calling as disciples, encouraging one another other in His body the Church through music and songs.

5. To come together with an expectancy to meet with His presence and glory as we offer up our sacrifice of praise.

6. To continually seek and move into the prophetic, providing a platform for intercession and spiritual warfare as we humble ourselves and draw close to God in intimate worship.

7. To celebrate His victory joyfully (hallal) always finding ways to express our love and gratitude because of what He has done for us.